We foster economic opportunities in Cange, Haiti


Sant Art, ‘art center’ in Haitian Kreyol, trains and employs artisans in Cange, Haiti, and offers their goods for sale. Original paintings, papier mache, traditional Haitian metal work, fine needlework, exquisite note cards, and many other items are produced by women and men whose skills enable them to provide for their families. All this in one of the most impoverished areas in the Western Hemisphere.

Sant Art was founded in the 1980s to address one of the greatest problems in Haiti – unemployment – which had resulted in malnourished children and discouraged adults. The project has evolved into a self-supporting entity in conjunction with the Episcopal Church.  Together with the Episcopal Church, Zanmi Lasante and Clemson Engineers for Developing Countries (CEDC), Sant Art has helped make Cange a model community in Haiti.

The original building for Sant Art was expanded to accommodate the growing number of artisans selected to work there. The extraordinary success of the art center is witness to the perseverance and resilience of talented people whose region has faced countless natural and man-made adversities.

To order or commission an item, send an email to Sant Art at haitiartisans@gmail.com. You will receive an invoice with payment instructions and other information.



All donations go to support the artisans, their families, their education, and the community.

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